Technology strategies for Modern Business

COVID-19 has probably been a great disruption to your business. In order to adapt, you are using VPN and some cloud services such as email for a remote working system. Many of you are wondering how better use the cloud to make your company work even more efficiently and to save costs. Many of you are looking for solutions to minimize your need for a brick-and-mortar presence. We would like to discuss these issues with you.

As you may know, Re-Lax US, LLC has eliminated the brick-and-mortar presence on which our former company, CCI was based on. We can share what we have learned through this process and discuss what might work for you.

It is our belief that within the next decade, companies will increasingly use cloud hosted services for everything: email, accounting, cad etc. By 2030, we anticipate that the traditional office with inhouse servers, expensive telephone systems, complex desktops would come to a close for the average small business. The advent of COVID-19 has likely compressed that timeline to as little as five years.

At Corporate Computer Inc. 14 months ago, we decided it was time to begin a transition to what is now our new business model. We saw GIG economy companies like UBER as the direction where businesses were heading. By the Fall of 2019, we had implemented our new business as a cloud operation. We recognized that we had to change our platform to remain relevant for our clients. We wrote select clients to advise them of our changes and to invite them to work with our new entity.

We focused on hiring independent contractors with existing support business with over 15 years’ experience to maintain the level of expertise to which you are accustomed. We set up our new company to be as cloud-based as possible. We maintain a few servers at the Westin Building Exchange downtown for our support tools, use Dialpad as our cloud phone system, moved our files from our server to Microsoft Cloud SharePoint, and o365 for email.

When Covid-19 appeared, 100% of our clients were already setup with a highly effective firewall and state of the art VPN system. When Washington State set stay at home rules, every one of our clients were quickly able to make the transition and remain productive at home.
Over the past several weeks, we have had frequent conversations with clients regarding better implementation of the cloud for their business practices. You now have firsthand experience of the benefits of working on the cloud and understand why and how cloud services save you money and improve your business model. We recommend you review a May 12th New York Times article,
If you do not have a NY Times subscription,
Politico has a good summary here

We would be more than happy to communicate with you to discuss this in further depth. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a teleconference.

Thomas McBride – Walter Taucher